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Simple but cost effective personal computer support by a home visit.

Telephone 01469 569929 (Answer Machine). email dunc@9cc.co.uk

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Subscribing to Countryside Computers aka 9cc, is a simple way of removing the stress out of having a computer or laptop. Everybody will have problems at one time or another due to the nature of how a computer works. However when things go wrong or are just not running right, getting a reliable trustworthy solution can be difficult. Why 9cc? The cc stands for Countryside Computers and the 9 is for Help. As a result, 9cc is short and easy to remember for a domain name www.9cc.co.uk


With a subscription you simply deal with me – Duncan Green. I will fix your Computer/Internet/Virus issues etc. I come to you with a personal visit to sort problems out and your subscription means there is NO CHARGE for labour or call outs. The only charge for any parts that may be required.

I also advise on computer safety and backup and generally anything related to your computer or Internet. Why not subscribe to the newsletter as well to get your free ebook on avoiding being scammed. See the link at the top right of each page.


Cloud Storage

In addition to your membership is a free LiveDrive account, this is software that automatically backs up your data. Because your machine will eventually fail, with cloud backup, your treasured photos and documents can be easily recovered. This very same software is used by the likes of PC World rebranded as “Know it all” because it is highly regarded. If purchased directly from Livedrive it will cost £5.00 a month. This very same software is included free in your subscription to Countryside Computers.
Subscription payments are processed by Direct Debit, this is to give security and protection as the Direct Debit guarantee is enforced law to protect the consumer.


Get in touch

To contact me please telephone and leave a message on my answer phone leaving your name and number clearly. I check this morning, noon and night, so I am able to return your call that day or the following morning.

There is no minimum contract, no cancellation charges or any hidden surprises, the main benefits are shown on the right, my priority is to help save you money on your computer expenses in return for a simple payment plan which creates a win win scenario.

The majority of my customer base support is for home users.  I do support some businesses as well, some of which you have probably heard of, take a look at them on the Testimonial page.


A long term reliable solution since being established in 2003.