This page has direct links to download useful programs and tools, if a link doesn’t work, please let me know. Please consider signing up for the Newsletter as well to get your free ebook of How not to get scammed online.


Free Programs:

  • Avast, a free Anti-virus program. To Download Click Here
  • Bt Broadband check, enter your details to see what speeds are available.  Click Here
  • K9 Child web protection, so provide general web censorship. To Download Click Here
  • Add Blocker plus for FireFox. Get the extension. Click Here
  • Add Blocker plus for Chrome. Get the extension. Click Here
  • Open Office, a free superb alternative to Microsoft Office. To Download Click Here
  • Adobe DC Reader for reading pdf files. Click Here


Our Resources programs:

  • To Download LiveDrive. Click Here
  • Team Viewer Remote Access. Click Here. Teamviewer is a tool that allows access and control to your computer. This is a great tool to allow me to fix problems with your computer if it has Internet access. There are good safeguards of password protection where you have to give me the password over the telephone before a connection can take place. It is an excellent tool to provide simple but secure connection to your computer. A problem can be fixed remotely over the Internet without the need of having to be onsite. The Icon for TeamViewer looks like this:
    Download Team Viewer


Free E-Book
Get my free ebook on how not to get scammed by signing up to the Newsletter with the link at the top right of every page on this website. This explains the techniques used by scammers to trick people into giving away their bank details. The E-Book is a general outline of safety to promote awareness of protecting yourself, should you want further clarification about the subject, pleace contact me.