Online Backup

Online Backup

This page is to explain in greater detail about online backup and its benefits. Subscribing to Countryside Computers provides this backup storage service from Livedrive absolutely free. With the increase of Ransomware, Cloud storage is the ONLY protection.

What is Cloud Storage?
Cloud is the term used for the Internet. Storage is storage, so Cloud/Online backup is simply a copy of your data that is stored on another computer via the Internet. Remember that the Internet is simply a collection of computers connected together.

Why do I need to store my data Online?
One day you computer or laptop will fail or get infected and as a consequence your data may get corrupted beyond repair. Because this does happen you can simply download you data from your account on to your repaired or new computer. The life span of a hard drive is around six years, some last longer some do not.

Is it safe?
Data is encrypted to military grade standards.

What does it back up?
Folders that are automatically selected are Desktop, Documents, Video, Pictures and Music, but these selections can be added to if required.

How much does it cost?
All subscribers to 9cc receive a Livedrive Cloud storage free with their account. 

I already backup my data to a portable drive, do I need this?
We recommend that you back up your data to portable drives or USB sticks in addition to Livedrive. Because people have a tendency to forget or get lax about it, Livedrive runs constantly in the back ground to back up data on an hourly schedule.

Finally this video will demonstrate how to restore a file that has been deleted, click the button below to play the video: