Free Lessons

Free Lessons

I am running short 30 minute computer support lessons at Keelby Village Hall on the last wednesday of the month. These are singular one to one lessons, not a group, although you are welcome to bring your partner if you wish.

I provide a laptop with Internet connection to walk you through a  tutorial. This can be;

Absolute Basics.

Backup Your Data.

A subject of your choice.

You can bring your own laptop if you prefer but remember this is a tutorial and not a repair session, although that can be arranged.

It is more of a chat to go through the bits that you need to have explained or shown with a few extras thrown in, nothing to overwhelming and hopefully of benefit to you.


To book click on the calendar to find the last Wednesday in the month, This will highlighted.

Click on the highlighted day of Wednesday

And finally choose the 30 minute slot you want to book.

An email of confirmation will be sent to you confirming your booked date and I look forward to seeing you.



Absolute Basics


There are two set lessons,

Lesson 1 will cover the bare minimum on using a computer, a breakdown of which will be;

What is the Desktop?

What is the difference between the Internet and a Web browser?

How to do “Copy and Paste” and why it is so important?

The power of a Right click of the mouse.

A memory sheet will also be provided of the instruction you receive to help jog your memory when you get home.


Lesson 2 Will cover How to back up your data? ie saving you documents and photos.


These lessons are provided free of charge to promote my computer support business. There is no obligation to subscribe but I would appreciate it if you looked through my website and see if it would be of benefit to you.