Free Lessons

Free Lessons

I do get asked now and then, if I do lessons, as this is usually to cover the basics as listed below, any member can request a 30 minute lesson in their own home free of charge. This is limited to two lessons per year.

This is to replace the free lessons I was doing at the village hall due to the difficulty for some members to make it at set times.

Lessons can be;

Absolute Basics.

Backup Your Data.

A subject of your choice.


It is more of a chat to go through the bits that you need to have explained or shown with a few extras thrown in, nothing to overwhelming and hopefully of benefit to you.


To book, simply email me or leave a message on the phone.



Absolute Basics


There are two set lessons,

Lesson 1 will cover the bare minimum on using a computer, a breakdown of which will be;

What is the Desktop?

What is the difference between the Internet and a Web browser?

How to do “Copy and Paste” and why it is so important?

The power of a Right click of the mouse.

A memory sheet will also be provided of the instruction you receive to help jog your memory when you get home.


Lesson 2 Will cover How to back up your data? ie saving you documents and photos.