Our Services and Pricing

Our Services and Pricing

Established in 2003 I have been supporting people and businesses with computer services by a subscription method of payment. I cover mainly the Humberside area of North East Lincs from the Humber down to Tetney and Brigg across to Grimsby. On establishing Countryside Computers, trying to get a domain name suitable was difficult as most had been taken. The thought of a long name was impracticable, I came up with 9cc.

9cc = 9 for help and cc for Countryside Computers, short and easy to remember so if you can’t find my contact details, simply Google “Countryside computers 9cc” and I should be on the first page.

Based in Keelby, ask on the Facebook sites of Keelby will also find me.

The reason for doing subscription is labour and call outs can be quite expensive, as with any trade a callout to your home can vary from £50.00 upwards. Computer faults can be tricky things, sometimes they take a few minutes to sort out, sometimes a few hours and can also take several visits.

For the client it can be frustrating to pay out £50.00 or more when the tech engineer fixes the problem in a few minutes, if the problem takes hours, then the worry is what will be the overall cost?

My way ensures that you can call me it for any problem whether it is minor or major without worrying about the cost.

At just £6.35 per month for one Computer or Laptop, the services you get are free Call out, labour charges and Cloud Storage in one simple package. Cloud storage is the simple way to automatically back up your files, it is powered by the company Livedrive and is provided free with your account. When subscribed I will provide your username and password to enable your account. For more details, click on the Livedrive link and scroll down their page for detailed information.

No minimum contract and no worries but to clarify the services provided, see below.





This does not include tutorials as that is not a technical problem but a lack of experience however I will try and guide you to getting resources from the Internet to assist you.

An example of the differences would be:

  • How do I do Bold Coloured letters in Microsoft Word? – That is not covered with your subscription
  • My Microsoft Word does not start when I am clicking the icon. – That is covered, software that has run ok before has now stopped working and needs investigating.

Problems like:

  • No Internet
  • No email
  • Printer not printing
  • Computer slow or not starting
  • Broken laptop screen broken laptop keyboard
  • Overheating laptop
  • Data transfer from old to new machine
  • Data back up
  • Setup of new PC or just a general service.
  • These are common problems that I deal with as well as many others.