Here you will find various Help and tutorial videos. Some are done by myself, some aren’t. As they are in no particular order, watch the first video about searching a web page, that way you can then search this page to see if there is a video on what you require.

To play the videos on this page, simply press the play button underneath the description.

Open a Search Box for a web page by holding down the Control Key (Ctrl) and the letter F.

A short video to change your Home Page in Firefox. Note that if it gets changed back to a different page, you may have malware in your system.

Make your Desktop more user friendly by adding the icons for your Personal Folder, My Computer and Control Panel, Note in Windows 10, click on the Themes link on the left and then scroll on that page to find the Desktop Icons link, this will open the Same Windows as shown in the video.


After Firefox has an upgrade, the Home Page and Bookmarks Bar often vanish, this short video shows how to put them back.

Block adverts in Web Browsers, guide is done with Firefox but it is very similar for other web browsers.