Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

We understand that not everyone finds their new computer, or computers in general, easy to use and navigate.
Therefore, we have created several easy-to-follow video tutorials to help make using your computer an easier experience.

To find something specific, please press CTRL and F on your keyboard and use the search bar to find what you need. We have created a video tutorial just for this, please CLICK HERE to watch (opens in new tab).

To watch the video, click on the text and the link will open on a new tab.
When you’re on Youtube you can press the space bar to play and pause the video if you can’t find the play/pause button on the website.

If you have any suggestions for a future tutorial, please feel free to leave a comment on the video as we monitor those regularly.

Understanding your PC
– How to add the My PC, User Files, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel icons to your desktop
 How to change the time/date
– How to change the desktop background
– How to delete folders and files on your PC
 How to take a screenshot/screen capture image of your PC
– How to add a new user to your PC (without a Microsoft account)
– How to create a “short-cut” to a folder or application on the desktop
– How to “force-close” a program that is not working
– How to change the default internet browser from Microsoft Edge to something else

Using your free Livedrive account from 9cc
Livedrive usually costs £7 a month, but signing up as a customer for Countryside Computers means that you can opt-in to receive a Livedrive account for free.
Livedrive is a great way to create a backup for your data, meaning that if your computer dies/gets infected with malware – your precious data still be saved.
– How to set up the free Livedrive account from Countryside Computers
Using Livedrive to recover your lost files

Creating an email account
Creating a gmail account (also functions as a Google account)
– Creating a hotmail/outlook account

Tips and Tricks for using the internet
– How to get the bookmark toolbar to appear
– How to change the home page (Google Chrome)
 How to add a bookmark to the bookmark toolbar
– How to install Adblock and use it to block adverts
– How to change the desktop background by using the internet (only works on Firefox!)
– Setting up Google Sync and finding your saved passwords (Google Chrome)

Using Google “apps”
Creating a Gmail account means you have access to lots of Google apps, and it can be overwhelming for a new user.
We have created tutorials for the ones which are definitely worth using:
– How to use Google Calendar.